Friday, April 24, 2009

Boundaries & Limits

Hey thanks, world wide cat readers, for your comments. I hope you'll stick with me. Say, I've got a question for you guys...

My mom got me this really cool kitty condo when we moved down here, but for some reason I haven't felt moved to use it yet. I used to have carpeted, open backed stairs when we lived in Eureka, used to love hanging out there, watching everything that went on in the house from my lofty perch. See? Here I am back in 2005...

I know mom thought the new condo would appeal to me as a substitute for those stairs. Heck, it's even carpeted in the same color! She's also been spraying Feliway on it, to attract me there, but I'm not interested yet. Do you think I just need an attitude adjustment? Or is there something else I can ask mom to do to get me interested in the condo? What's worked for you guys?

Anyhow, about this post's title, I've been thinking about the fact that I used to always want to be free to go anywhere and do anything I pleased. It always seemed that having no limits was the ultimate freedom. But I've just come to realize that when I don't have to worry about my survival and about staying safe and out of harm's way, that's the true freedom. Knowing that I'm safe all the time, and loved and well cared for is way more important for me now, than feeling my oats. So any of you who are still having problems with boundaries and limitations, take it from me, stay home and be happy!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi BeeGee,
I can't help you with why you don't seem interested in the condo. None of us liked the scratching post Mummy made especially for us: the green lounge chair is so much better. Maybe it's our independent nature. I like to sit in the kitchen sink: no one can see me but I can see them. Precious likes to sit at the top of the stairs but she's a bit of a loner. Dot likes to stay near the back door in case it opens so she can race out and Angel has claimed the lounge chair near 'the big one that sometimes feeds us'. She loves her food and doesn't like to miss out. Mummy lets us go out on the deck to smell the plants. Angel and I have figured out how to escape but Mummy keeps and eye on us all the time. I wouldn't like to get lost cause I love my Mummy and follow her everywhere. Do you like meat? I love it!
Mummy's Little Emma AKA the Ravenous Beast.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Oops...forgot to say that Precious, Angel and my sissy Dot say Meow