Thursday, April 30, 2009


How about some privacy here! I swear, that woman follows me around the house taking obscene photos that she uploads on my blog -- without even asking my permission! The nerve! I should report her to the copyright and permission police!

Well, I've been in the house for eight days straight without going out -- this is a first! And I've been spending more and more time on my peeps' bed. I still get antsy in the middle of the night though, I jump up on windowsills around the house to see what the haps are out in the hood in the wee hours. I overheard Mom and Dad talking today about building or buying a perch for me, for the east-facing bedroom window. At this point, everytime I want to get up there in the middle of the night, I have to dance around on Mom's pillow trying to get my body into the right position to be able to jump up to the sill. Although sometimes I miss, which doesn't make Mom all that happy. So they're just going to have to make it work for me, now that they insist I stay put.

I do love my parents! Really!

Happy catnapping!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Am I So Transparent?

This is Mom's favorite cat cartoon ~ she swears it's an exact representation of how I think! I don't know whether to be honored or ticked off. Is everything I do really so obvious? Am I that easy to read?

More 'n likely, I'm just a typical cat.

Enjoy! Ciao meow catfans!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Your Face

Here I am getting a lesson in blogging from Mom. You can tell, can't you?, that I'm an on-the-go kinda guy.

I try to write my posts in the afternoon, when it's quiet in the house. But they usually don't get posted til Mom gets around to it in the evening. She hasn't taught me yet how to turn the computer on. Guess I don't blame her. No telling what kind of trouble I'd get myself in with internet access. I might find myself sucked into watching kitty porn all day, and then I'd miss my catnaps! I've definitely got to get my beauty rest.

Ciao, catfans, have a good one!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quiet Day At The Ranch

I spent most of today looking out the window...oh yeah, and sleeping, too. I'm still sniffing at the front door late at night, trying to catch a whiff of whatever's on the air outside. But the sharp "No!" that I've been hearing as a result is beginning to dissuade me from even bothering. Overall I do think I'm catching on to being an indoor-only kitty. And since I have no option, I suppose I'll just get with the program. I just hope I don't get too fat and lazy!

Have a good evening, cat fans. Ciao meow!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How I Got My Name

Mom always says, "The third time's the charm." Apparently I am the third cat she's had named BeeGee, but I'm the only one who took.

When Mom lived in the mountains in Southern Humboldt, the kitty above came around for a little while, and Mom was listening pretty exclusively at that time to The BeeGees' music. She thought BeeGee was such a cute name for a cat, so she named this guy. But one day he slowly walked up the driveway, and was never seen again. Mom thinks he was a bobcat/domestic cat mix. He sure was friendly, let her preen him of ticks, even spent an afternoon inside on the other kitties' (Aja and Grayson) chair! But he was also wild, so eventually he took off.

Then, a couple years later, Auntie Vicky, Mom's best friend who lives in Piercy, found this ginger guy, took him to the vet to be neutered, and then Mom adopted him. (Aunt Vicky and Uncle Pat couldn't keep him, because they already had two or three cats.) And Mom named him BeeGee. This guy was incredibly sweet, and wanted a home so badly. The other cats nearly made room for him, but Mom was unbelievably allergic to him because he had this gorgeous long hair. After less than a week with him, she could hardly breathe and her eyes were almost swollen shut. So sadly, she had to give him away -- fortunately to a guy who loved him and gave him a great home and still has him, as far as she knows.

So, still no cat named BeeGee for Mom. Until late 2004, when I was young and hanging around outside Mom's house in Eureka, with two old cat cohorts that Mom always imagined were my parents. The weather was getting bad, and I kept hanging around on the back porch, even though I was living under that old garage in back. One rainy Friday night in late November, Mom called to me to come in, and like a thunderbolt, I made a run for it into the house. And until my recent escapades staying out all night, I made sure I was in the house every single night we lived in Eureka. The living was too good, and I wasn't going to miss it.

So anyway, long story long, that's how I got my name! Sometime soon I'll write about my sister Aja, who passed on in 2005, and my brother Grayson, who left us in 2006.

Until then, Ciao Meow!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Boundaries & Limits

Hey thanks, world wide cat readers, for your comments. I hope you'll stick with me. Say, I've got a question for you guys...

My mom got me this really cool kitty condo when we moved down here, but for some reason I haven't felt moved to use it yet. I used to have carpeted, open backed stairs when we lived in Eureka, used to love hanging out there, watching everything that went on in the house from my lofty perch. See? Here I am back in 2005...

I know mom thought the new condo would appeal to me as a substitute for those stairs. Heck, it's even carpeted in the same color! She's also been spraying Feliway on it, to attract me there, but I'm not interested yet. Do you think I just need an attitude adjustment? Or is there something else I can ask mom to do to get me interested in the condo? What's worked for you guys?

Anyhow, about this post's title, I've been thinking about the fact that I used to always want to be free to go anywhere and do anything I pleased. It always seemed that having no limits was the ultimate freedom. But I've just come to realize that when I don't have to worry about my survival and about staying safe and out of harm's way, that's the true freedom. Knowing that I'm safe all the time, and loved and well cared for is way more important for me now, than feeling my oats. So any of you who are still having problems with boundaries and limitations, take it from me, stay home and be happy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Life

Hi there, my name is BeeGee, and I'm a recovering roamer. My mom said that since I had to be a housecat from here on out, I could have my own blog! WooHoo...almost as good as a new crop of catnip!

Just weighing in, here, but stay with me while I explore the delights of small-scale at-home living with my mom and dad. If I have time in my busy schedule, I'll write another post later today.

Ciao Meow!